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Stop Getting Sick - Woodland Hills Massages Strengthen Your Immune System

You don't have to get sick when everyone else around you does. One of the great benefits of our Woodland Hills massages is that it builds up your immune system.

Regular professional therapeutic massage sessions provide significant benefits beyond the immediate relaxation we enjoy. People who experience high levels of stress tend to get sick more than others. Combine stress with lack of sleep and poor nutrition and our body's ability to naturally protect itself against bacteria and infection is greatly compromised.

Numerous studies have indicated that massage can increase the immune system's cytotoxic capacity (the activity level of the body's natural "killer cells") and decrease the number of T-cells, all of which improves the body's immune functioning overall.

In one study by Gail lronson, M.D., HIV positive men were given 45 minute massages five days a week for one month. They showed an increase in serotonin and an increase in cells that are viewed as the first line of defense in the immune system. This is testing a very narrow aspect of the human immune system but it does lend scientific credibility to massage that is widely recognized as therapeutic, based on experience.

Strengthen Your Immune System with a professional Woodland Hills Massage

  • Increases the bodies’ natural killer cells
  • Aids in the fight against bacteria and infection
  • Enhances the bodies’ ability to get nourishment to important areas